Top tips for Iceland trips
Some tips for exploring Iceland in winter
Stock up on booze at the airport
If you're visiting Iceland and you like a tipple, take advantage of duty free to stock up on alcohol before leaving the airport. Booze is very expensive in Iceland, even when you buy it in supermarkets, so be smart about it, or take your trip as an opportunity to detox.
Brace yourself...expenses are coming
Iceland is beautiful and magical...and horrifically expensive. When we were driving around in the off-season, hardly any restaurants were open, and all the places we stayed at had cooking facilities, so we saved a chunk of money there. But even the food in supermarkets is pricey...a particular highlight was a £10 jar of pasta sauce! True story. And no, we didn't buy it.

Prepare for all weathers
There's a saying in Iceland that goes 'If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes'. And it's true! If you're visiting in winter, be prepared for sun, snow, sandstorms, wind, rain, hail - and everything in between. And be sure to pack plenty of layers. This site is the official source for safe adventure in Iceland and has a wealth of information about driving, hiking, weather etc.
Respect road safety
I know, I know - 'all right, MUM!' I hear you cry. But though it may be boring, it's true. Iceland's roads, although the vast majority is in excellent condition, can be very dangerous when coupled with the country's notoriously changeable weather conditions. So if you're renting a car in winter, make sure you get a 4x4 if possible, with studded tyres. And don't drive like an idiot in the snow.
Plan your trip around daylight hours
When you're planning your itinerary, take into account the number of daylight hours you'll have when you're visiting, as this can massively affect how much you can see in a day. This site should help.
Pace yourself
Everything's so beautiful that you will probably want to take a lot of photos of the first things you see. As hard as it may be, try to tear yourself away. There's so much to see in Iceland, so I say pack in as much as possible, and don't spend too long in one place.
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