Day 5: the way back home

Day 5 route map
Driving time: 2 hours
Day 5, stop 1: Icelandic riding tour
From our Reykjavik hotel, we drove to Eldhestar, an equestrian centre where we'd booked a two-hour riding tour.

I'm not your typical 'horsey girl', but I do love Icelandic horses. These hardy, stocky little buggers have real character to them, and they're the only breed of horse present in Iceland.

We did the 'heritage' tour, and were in a group of about eight other beginners.

Although it was a large group, we could go at our own pace (i.e. at the very front!), and the horses got to show off the gait unique to their breed: the tölt.

This was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Although it was pretty dark for much of the tour (it began at 9am), for me it was all about the horses anyway.

GPS points: N 63°59.171 V 021°10.193

Day 5, stop 2: the Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is a big geothermal spa rich in silica minerals, where you can relax in the water, enjoy the spa facilities, slap on a mud mask, and unwind.

It's pretty expensive, considering many of the springs and naturally-heated pools in Iceland are free, but it's still rather magical.

Next time, though, I definitely want to plan a bit better and check out some of the less touristy spas out there...

Recommendations welcome!

Day 5, stop 3: the airport...
...and all too soon, it was over!

It was one hell of a trip - probably the best holiday I've ever been on - and I think we packed in a decent number and variety of things within a relatively short timespan.

I was very sad to leave, as I love everything about Iceland (well, apart from the fermented shark...) - the welcoming people, the incredible scenery, the way the landscape changes ever few hundred yards, the wonderful ancient Icelandic breeds of goat, horse and cow...

It would be a dream to live there one day...but for now, I'm resolved to come back in the summertime for an entirely different Icelandic experience.

I'll be back.

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